Earth Trust is an Environmental Learning Charity, and the proud guardian of some very special green spaces in South Oxfordshire, including the much loved Wittenham Clumps, all of which are steeped in history.

Earth Trust champions accessible natural green spaces where the living world thrives, and their mission is to give people the opportunity to engage with their environment through the beautiful green spaces they look after.

Earth Trust looks after a working farm and 500 hectares of farmland, woodland and wetland, we strive to manage our land in a way, which balances conservation, farming and public access. The farm is managed in a financially and environmentally sustainable way and showcases how farming and biodiversity can work together, whilst also ensuring that these green spaces are accessible for the public to enjoy!

With extensive education, events and volunteering programmes, engagement with the natural world is at the heart of what Earth Trust does. Over 3000 pupils attend Earth School each year, learning outside the classroom about the countryside.

Earth Trust’s unique Countryside Skills programme is designed specifically for children with special educational needs and those who struggle in the traditional classroom setting. Their events offer wide range of opportunities from exploring the farm to learning new skills.

Visit the Earth Trust website or book onto an Archaeology Tour