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Explore the Records

Sudeley Castle

Curious to see exactly what we found at Sudeley Castle? Want to see the data for yourself?

Everything we dig up at Sudeley Castle is available online. We take iPads into the trenches, and record our discoveries online there and then using an app we’ve developed called Digital Dig Team. To see the data, all you have to do is click ‘Dig Records’ in the top right corner.

Not only do we publish all of our data open access, you can literally watch the data appearing as we dig!

Whether you want to use the evidence for your own research, or just check whether you agree or disagree with the archaeologists’ conclusions in the site report, our extremely brief and incredibly useful guide will help you get started.

Watch the dig

To see how the action unfolded, you can replay the dig and watch it all as it happened – all the videos, diaries and big discoveries are filed in the Timeline (top right).

Finds & artefacts

Ok, so you’ve had fun watching the dig, but now you want to see the detail. Start by clicking Dig Records.

This will take you to our database, and the first thing you’ll see is a category called ‘Small Finds‘. These are objects, materials and artefacts that have been found on the dig that are deemed to be significant enough to be recorded individually. From coins and jewelry to combs and cooking pots, you can click on any object to find out more and even see a 3D model.

Bulk finds (e.g., lots of pieces of Roman roofing tile, which are better off recorded in bulk) can be found byb looking at an individual trench or context.

Features, contexts and trenches

Of course, archaeology isn’t just about artefacts – it’s about features too. That means ditches, post holes, rubbish pits. Oh, and there are plans, sections and soil samples too! Use the row of buttons to look through the different types of records we keep. To see where everything was found, the trench icon collects all these different strands together, allowing you to explore the data through a 3D model of the trench itself.

Digital Dig Kit

Who found it?

Each record shows who found it and put it online. Just click their name to see who they are and what else they found

Download the data

All this data is open access. That means you can use it to do your own research. To download any of the data, go to ‘advanced search’, filter the data you want and click the CSV download button.


We publish all of our official site reports here to!

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